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You do. Our readers.

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What is Visual Stories Asia? It is a one-stop resource for discovering new work and innovative approaches spanning Istanbul to Beijing, analysing industry trends and applying new tools in visual journalism.  

What is our mission? Helping readers understand the why behind visuals created and improving how society engages with media. Our tenets:

  • To convene and create meaningful conversations on visual journalism in diverse Asia
  • Discover and champion the people driving important work in lesser known parts of the region
  • Elevate visual literacy and how society engages with media in an age of disinformation

Why do we need financial support? The upkeep for sustaining a high-quality editorial project requires resources including time and money. The costs include email delivery, web development, paying freelancers and salary. We are transparent about our full running costs. Though some have suggested advertising, we prefer to have a direct, value-driven relationship with our readers.

Our membership goal? At this juncture, our target is 100 readers to keep Visual Stories Asia (VSA) sustainable.   

What are your benefits as a member? All members, at all levels, will receive an update every two months. Titled "Behind the Scenes: Visual Stories Asia", our members have the chance to shape the future of VSA, an early preview to new features, and positive vibes knowing that they are paying it forward to keep this resource accessible to a wider audience. 

If you have questions or comments, just send me an email. I appreciate every single reader who is keen to embark on this journey with me.

– Zakaria, Visual Stories Asia

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